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6 Common Mistakes To Avoid During A Bathroom Renovation

Jun 26, 2023

The bathroom, often an oasis of tranquillity especially in a busy household, is an oasis where serenity is embraced, and well-being is cultivated. Below, we unravel eight common pitfalls often made and show you the way to the bathroom renovation of your dreams.


1. Neglecting Ventilation

An airy bathroom exudes an aura of freshness and cleanliness that is both invigorating and vital for the health of the space. Turning a blind eye to efficient ventilation can summon a host of issues, such as excessive humidity, insidious mould growth, and lingering musty odours, all of which can deteriorate the room’s ambiance and structural integrity. A meticulously planned exhaust mechanism is vital, especially in bathrooms where natural air circulation is lacking.


2. Skimming on Storage Solutions

A clutter-free bathroom is like a serene oasis you can retreat to at the end of a long day. Overlooking storage is a pitfall that can lead to visual chaos and disarray. Communicate clearly to your home builder and interior designer what you need to keep within reach in the bathroom. Integrate ingenious storage solutions that marry functionality with aesthetics, such as built-in cabinets, smart shelving, and multifunctional fixtures.


3. Undermine Lighting

Bathroom lighting is like a well-conducted symphony: it’s got to have the right mix to hit the perfect note. Having just one type of lighting or too little can leave you struggling to see or feeling like the atmosphere is just off. That’s where layered lighting comes into play.

Start with task lights – these are the workhorses that help you see what you’re doing, especially around the mirror. Then bring in ambient lighting to soften the space and give it a welcoming feel.

And for a little flair, toss in some accent lights; these are like the cherry on top, adding that special touch to make your bathroom shine. It’s all about getting the balance right so that your bathroom is functional and also a nice place to relax.


4. Sacrificing Quality

The age-old wisdom of ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true in a bathroom renovation. While frugality is commendable, compromising on material quality can be a harbinger of perpetual repairs and replacements. When it comes to bathroom hardware, always invest in robust materials that promise endurance and timeless grace for years to come.


5. Disregarding Design Harmony

A bathroom should echo a harmonious design symphony. From wall tiles to floor and fixtures, each piece should weave into the fabric of a cohesive design narrative. The size and proportion of fixtures and elements must be in harmony with the bathroom’s dimensions. Ensure that installations should always be proportionate in terms of scale. This demands a visionary eye, often where the subtle artistry of a seasoned interior designer proves invaluable.


6. Not Looking into the Future

Renovations should not just serve the present but elegantly embrace the future. From accommodating the evolving needs of family members (eg, young children who will eventually grow up, aged parents who may require non-slip flooring soon) to pondering the ever-changing design trends, a far-sighted approach will ensure your sanctuary remains relevant.


In summary, the transcendence of a bathroom from mere utility to an abode of tranquillity requires a blend of financial acumen, design harmony, quality materials, and visionary planning. While this path is intricate and hard to navigate alone, a partnership with the right interior designer and builder can be the guiding compass that will help you create a rejuvenating retreat that will inspire you day after day.

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