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A Family Transformation at Thomson Hill

Oct 16, 2023

Project Type: Interior Design & Renovation
Property Type: 2 Storey Semi-Detached
Land Size: 3346 sqft
Build-Up Area: 3800 sq ft
Construction Cost: $550k
Design Style: Contemporary
Client Background: A couple with two young children, both medical doctors

Living Room Makeover: A Family-Friendly Expansion

Recognizing their desire for a communal gathering area, we set out to expand the living space in their Thomson Hill residence. The new layout comfortably accommodates a plush L-shaped sofa, setting the stage for cosy movie nights or leisurely weekend lounging. Additionally, we revitalised a previously underutilised air well by installing a glass roof, thereby infusing the first floor with radiant natural light and elevating the overall atmosphere.

First Floor Gym Area

Understanding the family’s multitasking and busy lifestyle, we designed a versatile gym space adjacent to the living area, enclosed with transparent glass doors and windows. Initially envisioned as a fitness sanctuary for the busy couple, this room can also seamlessly transition into a secure play zone for their young children. Its strategic location near the kitchen enables effortless supervision, meeting the multifaceted needs of this dynamic family.

Coffee and Tea Nook

Recognizing the couple’s on-the-go lifestyle, we thoughtfully designed a coffee and tea station right beside the kitchen. This convenient setup allows for quick and easy access to their morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up, without the need to navigate the entire kitchen—a small but significant detail that simplifies daily rituals.

Master Bedroom Revamp Into A Personal Oasis

After capitalising on the expanded space on the first floor, we turned our attention to the second-floor master bedroom. By allocating more square footage to this sanctuary, we’ve incorporated a generous en-suite bathroom and a meticulously organised walk-in wardrobe. For this busy couple, this updated space serves as a tranquil haven for unwinding and recharging after their demanding schedules.

In transforming this Thomson Hill home, our aim was always clear: to create a living environment that not only meets but anticipates the diverse and future needs of a busy, young family. From the welcoming, sunlit expanses of the newly configured living room to the dual-purpose gym area, each renovation was meticulously planned to add layers of functionality and comfort. With a land size of 3,346 sqft and a build-up area of 3,800 sqft, all achieved within a construction budget of $550k, the outcome is a contemporary-designed space that harmoniously blends form and function. For this doctor couple with two young children, their 2-story, semi-detached residence is more than just a home; it’s their perfectly tailored lifestyle solution.

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