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Interior Design Scams: The Dark Side of Home Renovations

Aug 21, 2023

The Rise of Renovation Scams

The transformation of a house into a dream home is a journey paved with hopes, aspirations, and a sprinkle of anxiety. However, the flourishing of renovation scams in the interior design domain, especially in the recent year or so, has injected a dose of distrust towards builders, contractors, and ID professionals. This situation has unfortunately cast a shadow on the trustworthy, ethics-based professionals in the industry. As industry veterans, we find it crucial to arm homeowners with knowledge, enabling them to differentiate the trustworthy from the deceptive. Before you embark on your renovation odyssey, acquaint yourself with these scammer tactics to safeguard your investment, whoever you may choose to work with.


Beware of the High Upfront Payment Trap

A tactic gaining traction among fraudulent contractors is demanding a substantial upfront payment. This is followed by an agonising period of project delays or, even worse, low-grade work. By the time homeowners realise, they’ve already committed a significant portion of their budget, only to be met with the stark reality of haphazard or stalled A & A works.

Subpar Quality and Blatant Disregard for Rules

Perhaps even more distressing than the delays is the tangible danger of inferior craftsmanship. Dishonest IDs and builders may use unqualified labour in their quest for quick profits, resulting in conspicuous, substandard finishes. Homeowners are then exposed to threats like poorly installed tiles, exposed electrical wires, or outright breaches of established renovation guidelines. Such practices jeopardise the safety and well-being of residents.


Subpar Quality and Blatant Disregard for Rules

One of the gravest concerns in the realm of home renovations is the blatant negligence and, often, willful disregard for industry standards by some deceitful builders and IDs. This isn’t merely about aesthetics; more importantly, it’s about ensuring that this space is built on the foundations of safety, functionality, and integrity. At the end of the day, trying to save money with cut-rate contractors can often result in higher costs, both financially and emotionally, when homeowners have to rectify the subpar work.


The Allure of Unbeatable Offers and Hidden Costs

In the realm of renovation, few tactics are as deceptive as an unbelievably low quote. Though tempting at first glance, these tantalising offers are often riddled with concealed costs. What seems like an initial bargain soon balloons into unexpected expenses as these crafty contractors sneak in additional charges for elementary renovation components.


Understanding the Norms of Upfront Payments

A common industry norm when venturing into renovations is to pay an upfront deposit, typically between 20-50% of the total project’s estimated cost. If a builder or ID specialist demands an amount significantly exceeding this range, it’s a signal to tread cautiously. And should they request the full amount upfront? That’s your cue to make a swift exit.


The Age-Old Adage: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

In the intricate dance of home renovations and interior design, an extraordinarily low quote should be approached with much scepticism. Before sealing any deal, it’s prudent to collect several quotes. This not only offers clarity on market standards but also helps identify outliers that are too good to be true.


Embarking on a Safe Renovation Voyage

Renovating your abode should be a thrilling chapter in your life as your dream home takes shape and comes to life. Hence, the surge in ID scams necessitates a mindful and discerning approach. With thorough research and due diligence, you can ensure that your dream home remains a joyous reality and not morph into a costly ordeal.

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