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Landed vs. Condo: Why Landed Often Lands First

Jun 9, 2023

In Singapore’s dynamic real estate landscape, the choice between a condominium and a landed property is a pivotal decision. Each offers distinctive benefits, shaped by lifestyle needs, personal preferences, and financial considerations. Let’s examine the key features of both while exploring the unique allure of landed properties.


1. Space and Versatility

Landed properties typically offer more indoor and outdoor space, providing homeowners with room to breathe, entertain, and cultivate a garden. There’s an undeniable charm in owning a yard or a patio. However, condominiums may provide sufficient space for small families or individuals, and their compact nature could simplify maintenance.


Still, landed properties win in versatility. They provide homeowners with greater freedom to remodel or expand, adapting their living space to evolving family needs or tastes, liberty less prevalent in condominiums due to shared property regulations.


2. Privacy vs Community

Privacy is a forte of landed properties. Having no shared walls means minimal neighbour noise and your private entryway adds to the feeling of exclusivity. On the other hand, condominiums often foster community spirit, with shared facilities promoting interaction. Nevertheless, many landed property neighbourhoods also offer a vibrant community spirit, offering the best of both worlds – privacy, and camaraderie.


3. Financial Considerations

Landed properties, due to land scarcity, tend to appreciate over time, making them a valuable long-term investment. Condominiums also can appreciate in value, but the competition in the resale market can be higher due to the greater number of units.

4. Maintenance and Facilities

While maintenance responsibility is greater with landed homes, some homeowners appreciate the direct control over their property’s upkeep. Condominium living, conversely, provides maintenance services, a boon for those with busy schedules.


Condominiums come with facilities like pools, gyms, and communal spaces. Landed properties, while lacking these shared facilities, offer homeowners the creative freedom to build bespoke amenities, from home gyms to private pools, which can be a compelling factor for some.

5. Security

While condominiums typically boast extensive security measures and round-the-clock services, landed properties are not left defenceless. With state-of-the-art home security technologies readily available, landed homes can be safeguarded effectively. Moreover, the low crime rate prevalent in our locale further bolsters the sense of security for landed property owners, providing an added layer of comfort.

6. Legacy Value

There’s a certain prestige attached to owning landed property, often viewed as an aspirational achievement. This factor can weigh significantly for those who perceive homes not just as dwellings, but as legacy assets to be passed down through generations. While condos can also be bequeathed, the finite leasehold term in many Singaporean condominiums may affect the property’s long-term inheritance value


7. Proximity To Nature

Often, landed properties offer closer proximity to nature due to their low-rise nature and the green spaces that are usually incorporated within these residential areas. This access to nature can enhance the living environment, improve mental well-being, and provide ample outdoor space for family activities. On the other hand, while condominiums also incorporate greenery, it may be limited by available communal space and high-rise living conditions.


In conclusion, the decision between a condominium and a landed property should be based on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and financial goals. Both housing types have unique merits, and subtle differences can significantly influence your living experience. As you ponder, remember the potential benefits of landed properties: more space, versatility, privacy, and long-term value, making them an option worth considering. However, the ultimate choice is yours, and it should create an environment where you feel most at home. Happy house hunting!

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